Engineering Education in the 21st Century

This pre-conference Workshop was held in conjunction with the NSF CMMI Research and Innovation Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Reform of engineering education has captured the attention of many over the last decade. This continuing emphasis stems from the need to prepare graduates to face societal challenges - from health care to information management to sustainability - and to address the effects of globalization and the ever increasing role of technology in daily life.  The purpose of the proposed workshop is to bring together several leaders from both within and outside the discipline to share their thoughts and make recommendations to the community and to the National Science Foundation. Topics will include: role of engineer in 21st century, engineering as a ‘liberal art’, entrepreneurship, physics and technology for future presidents, and organizing research universities for an interdisciplinary future. We will also explore innovative means of educating engineering students to undertake engineering responsibilities in the 21st Century. In particular: are there any key elements of engineering as distinct from reductionist science which need to be highlighted in the curriculum and which make engineering a distinct discipline in its own right?

Speakers include: Sharad Malik (Princeton), Richard Miller (Olin College), Richard Muller (UC Berkeley), Seeram Ramakrishna (NUS Singapore), James Plummer (Stanford University), Ambuj Sagar (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi), Tina Seelig (Stanford), Henry Yang (UCSB), Jackie Ying (Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, Singapore)

Steering Committee:  V. Narayanamurti (Harvard University), chair;  Adnan Akay (Bilkent and Carnegie Mellon University), co-chair; Richard Miller (Olin College); Henry Yang (UCSB)

This workshop has been made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

CMMI Conference 

Please visit for detailed information on the 2009 NSF Engineering Research and Innovation Conference.  Please note that registration to the Engineering Education workshop does not register you for the CMMI conference.